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Personal Data Protection Policy

1. Right to information and purpose.
In accordance with that established by Constitutional Law 15/1999, of December 13, on Personal Data Protection (hereafter shown as DPA), Tecuni S.A., as owner of the aforementioned website, informs users of this site of the existence of a file of personal data created by Tecuni S.A. and under its responsibility.
The personal data collected by means of forms enabled for this purpose on the website are collated and stored by Tecuni S.A. with the aim of maintaining a relationship with users, management, administration, provision and improvement of the services and activities related to them, the study of usage of services by users, the design of new services, sending by traditional and / or electronic means of operating and technical information, economic and / or commercial management related to products and services provided by Tecuni S.A. At no time, except in cases set out in the DPA, does nor will Tecuni S.A. provide any personal data about users to third parties not linked to the company without their express consent.

In any case, the users guarantee that the personal data provided to Tecuni S.A. is truthful and are responsible for communicating any changes of the same to the company.

2. Consent of the user and rights of access, corrections and cancellation of users.
The sending of personal data, by using Tecuni S.A.'s electronic forms, assumes the express consent of the sender to the automated processing of the data included in the mass media indicated, as well as sending communications with information of any type by e-mail.
Users can exercise their rights of access, correction, opposition and cancellation to the processing of their personal data, under the terms and conditions provided in the DPA. If the user decides to unsubscribe, their data will be completely cancelled.
These rights can be put into effect by means of written and signed request sent to our head office. This request should contain the following information: name and surnames of the user, residence for notifications purposes, photocopy of the Fiscal Identification Code and National ID Card or Passport, and petition in which the request is specified.

In case of doubt about our Data Privacy Policy, the user can contact us by e-mail at

3. Security.
Tecuni S.A. maintains personal data protection security levels in accordance with Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21, relating to security measures for files that contain personal data, and has established all the technical means at its disposal to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the data that the user provides through the website, although it should be mentioned that security measures on the Internet are not impregnable. Tecuni S.A. promises to comply with the duty of secrecy and confidentiality regarding the personal data contained in the automated file in accordance with the applicable legislation, as well as treating it securely during transfers, which, where necessary, may occur.

4. Information on cookies, IPs and "spamming" techniques.
The user accepts the use of cookies and IP tracking. Our site traffic analyser uses cookies and IP tracking that allow us to collect data for statistical purposes such as date of the first visit, number of times visited, date of the last visit, URL and domain from which it originates, browser used and screen resolution. However, if they want, users can disable and / or delete cookies by following the instructions of their Internet browser.
Tecuni S.A. does not use "spamming" techniques and will only process the data that the user sends by means of the electronic forms on this website or e-mail.
The processing of personal data, as well as the sending of commercial or trade communications by electronic means, are carried out in accordance with Constitutional Law 15/1999, of December 13, on Personal Data Protection (Official Sate Bulletin of December 14, 1999) and Law 34/2002, of July 11, on services of the information society and eCommerce (Official State Bulletin. of July 12, 2002)..

5. E-mails.
To communicate with Tecuni S.A. by e-mail, visitors should fill in the electronic correspondence forms proposed on the website. The answers given by the company Tecuni S.A. to e-mails may not be compared with and does not constitute any evidence of the exercise of advertising, promotional or commercial activity in the territory of the country of destination.

6. Limitation of Liability.
Documents and information diffused on are provided without any express or tacit guarantee of any kind whatsoever. The company Tecuni S.A. reserves the right to modify or correct the content of its website at any time, without prior warning.
The company Tecuni S.A. should not be considered liable in the case where visitors' hardware becomes infected as a result of the spreading of a virus or other computer infections. It is up to the visitor to take all of the measures necessary to protect their own data and / or computer programmes from the occasional infections that circulate on the Internet. In no event shall the company Tecuni S.A., its employees, suppliers or the collaborators mentioned on their website be considered as responsible, by way of a contractual liability action, criminal liability or any other action or direct or indirect damage, incident or accessory, or of whatever nature or any loss, especially, of a financial or commercial nature, which results from the use of the website or any information obtained therein.

The site may contain simple or deep links to sites collaborating with the company Tecuni S.A. or to third parties. The company Tecuni S.A. does not have any control over these sites and, consequently, does not guarantee any responsibility for the availability of these sites, their content, advertising, products and / or services available in or from these sites. Similarly, the company Tecuni S.A. will not be liable to any degree for the direct or indirect damage that may occur unexpectedly when a visitor accesses the site of a collaborator or when he uses this site, the disrespect for the contents and services, for any regulatory provision or prejudice against third party rights. The company Tecuni S.A. does not accept any liability relating to the information, material, computer programmes of the sites with hyper-links to the site.